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Founded in 1993, David N. Deutsch & Company is a New York-based investment banking firm providing merger, acquisition, divestiture, and financing services to leading closely-held companies and their owners. Our firm is known for the quality and scope of its advice, for its long-term relationships with clients and the Wall Street Community, and for its track-record of exceptional results.

While most traditional investment banking firms emphasize transactions involving publicly-traded securities, David N. Deutsch & Company is distinguished by its focus on merger, acquisition, divestiture and financing transactions – and advisory services – for leading closely-held companies (private and public).

As traditional Wall Street firms face increasing conflicts of interest related to other clients, research positions, lending activities, and securities trading and investment activities, David N. Deutsch & Company remains an independent advisor and advocate of its clients.

We tailor each assignment to the unique requirements of our clients and provide each client with our highest level of service and attention. Candor, confidentiality and integrity are essential to all of our activities.

About David N. Deutsch & Co.