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At David N. Deutsch & Company, we're industry "generalists." That said, we have significant experience in the following industry segments:

  • Retail and Consumer Products 
  • Industrial / Niche Manufacturing
  • Business-and-Specialty Services
  • Media

We believe that our clients are the real industry experts -- we're the merger, acquisition, divestiture and financing experts. Frankly, we believe that too many industry-specialist bankers allow their technical skulls to atrophy in favor of reliance on industry gossip. Also, too often, "industry expertise" results in an unforseen conflict: your banker is beholden to the largest companies in your industry (perhaps your perspective acquiror), not you.

We have extensive relationships in many industries; however, our most important relationships are with our clients. Our mission is clear. We serve the best interests of our clients.  We're our client's adviser and their advocate.

Our "generalist" approach has other benefits as well.  We are regularly exposed to the marketing, operational and financing concepts of many industries.  While we encourage our professionals to develop an intimate understanding of our clients and their industries, we require them to think broadly.  We believe that many of the most valuable ideas in business begin with fresh pespectives on an industry where "everyone knows" how things are done.

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