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Commercial banks, finance companies and other lenders make critical underwriting decisions every day. They are credit experts whose underwriting protocol often calls for third-party valuations and solvency and capital surplus opinions to complement and confirm internal credit analyses.

A lender's work doesn’t end with the extension of credit. Prudent lenders know that ongoing monitoring is as important as initial underwriting. If there's a problem, they need an investment bank capable of evaluating portfolio-company strategic financial alternatives, raising additional capital or managing an expedient corporate sale. For many of the nation's leading lenders—we are that investment bank.

Our services for Lenders & their Portfolio Companies include:

  • Business enterprise and equity valuations
  • Intangible asset valuations
  • Solvency and capital surplus opinions
  • Strategic and financial assessments
  • Refinancings and recapitalizations
  • Private placements of debt and equity
  • Corporate sales and divestitures
For more information about our services for Lenders & their Portfolio Companies, contact us.