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Mather, 1929 David N. Deutsch & Company provides sophisticated merger, acquisition, divestiture and financing services to its clients, more effectively than an expanded in-house treasury function, corporate development staff or traditional investment banking firm.

We work with our clients’ chief executive officers, chief financial officers, treasury staffs and corporate development teams. We often serve as a supplemental resource when our clients must address a specific M&A or corporate finance matter.

We leverage our clients’ time by qualifying acquisition, divestiture and financing ideas, allowing them to focus on important operational issues.  We extend their reach into Wall Street, expand their relationships and negotiating position vis-à-vis M&A counterparties and financing sources and help them obtain the best pricing and transaction structure available.

Ultimately, we help our clients maximize the results of their merger, acquisition, divestiture and financing transactions and create real value for their shareholders. We accelerate their progress. And, we manage the entire process to ensure that each assignment is completed on schedule and to our clients’ satisfaction.

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