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“We engaged David N. Deutsch & Company to evaluate one of our largest borrowers, and, again, to advise us with respect to a major distribution agreement between that company and one of the world’s largest retailers.  On these and other occasions, the firm's clear and cogent work (including their respectful refutation of advice given to us by another major investment bank) has served as our "Rosetta Stone" and enabled us to take action with confidence.  I have known David for 15 years, and his relationships in the New York financial community are amazing; more importantly, his firm provides corporate financial advice and insight of the highest calibre.  David and his team consistently demonstrate the ability to pierce through the details and address the core issues.  When a borrower is at a critical juncture, we know that David and his team will enable us to construct a solution.”

Steven A. Stone, Executive Vice President
Wells Fargo Century

“I have known David N. Deutsch & Company to be a very responsive and client-driven firm.  David and his team master all facets of the M&A process, which is a given in today’s competitive environment.  What distinguishes David from others is his strategic and forward thinking ability in searching and finding solutions for his clients.”
Dan Weiler, Director, Corporate Development
Schott Corporation