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Your company is at a strategic and financial crossroads.  You're not sure if it's headed in the right direction (or in any direction for that matter).  You want to accelerate its progress, improve its value, or prepare it for successful acquisition, financing or sale.

Our "Strategic Tune-Up" is a focused planning drill that enables you to identify and prioritize your company's most important, strategic next steps.  It involves all of your key managers (whoever you wish to include), brings out their best ideas and results in a refreshed and unified sense of strategic direction.  The Tune-Up is a concise strategic planning exercise that considers your company's values, re-articulates its mission, assesses its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, addresses its competitive environment, and explores its current and future product/market strategy.  The "net, net" is a set of highest-priority goals and a definitive strategic action plan.

It'll make your company more valuable.  We guarantee it.

David N. Deutsch & Company provides its clients with superior results in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and corporate finance... and with the right advice along the way.

At a crossroads?  We've got your roadmap.

For more information about our Strategic Tune-Up and other pre-transaction services, contact us.

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