National Emergency / David N. Deutsch & Company Response and Preparedness

Mar 13, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 national emergency, David N. Deutsch & Company has been counseling clients, non-clients, and their owners and Boards, regarding crucial operating, financial and transactional decisions. As always. David N. Deutsch & Company’s responsiveness to this crisis is a reflection of the firm’s can-do, and others-first, culture and – importantly – to key technology and tools (e.g. entirely cloud-based IT, remote files; team communication via Slack; cloud-based project management, etc.) and best-mobile-practices that the firm adopted long before the crisis. All firm team-members are healthy and intact, and all client matters continue uninterrupted.

David Deutsch, his administrative team led by Suzi King, and the entire DNDCo family are committed to assisting clients, non-clients, and those we’ve never met, as much as we can through this crisis. Reach David, directly, at 212-980-7800 x1, his phone is answered through midnight every night. David will respond immediately or return your call.